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By Davidk
LPG2CV wrote:
Tue Jan 19, 2021 10:11 am
Just some observations to help your tune. :)

In the 2nd ignition table ..... turn it off. Go through the config and ensure values are sensible.

in the VE table turn Incorporate AFR to No

For O2 setting, its not good idea to have corrections on for idle. This is better achieved by manually adjusting the VE with a warm engine. So set the rpm active above the idle rpm. leave a gap of 500 rpm in the first instance, until you have turned the idle. When tuned to a stable idle, you can reduce the gap, but leave at least 100 rpm gap.

Set the cranking transition higher, as I suspect t changing to run mode before its ready.
Thanks for the tips. I will turn the second ignition table off.

Why should I turn 'incorporate afr' to off? I read that it has benefits to turn it on if I want to change afr target without retuning the VE table, that's the reason why I turned it on.

I know that afr/O2 is not ideal at idle, but I suspect I have heat soak issues and if I drive around and stop for 1-2 minutes my afr at idle starts to lean out to values the car doesn't like. The lean idle causes rpm drop so I'm idling too lean at 700 rpm because I'm in open loop idle... The closed loop idle always drops the rpm way too far to almost stall at return to idle. The afr/O2 at idle seems to help to at least solve the heat soak / lean condition at idle partially.

Regarding the dwell, I will try to lower the values. These were values I found online specifically for the mx5 na6.

Thank you very much to take the time to look at my tune and give useful advice!
• Multiply by ration of AFR to Target AFR: This option is normally set to No for most setups. It
allows basic close loop feedback by adjust the base fuel amount according to how far away from
the target AFR the engine is currently running.

• Multiply by ratio of stoich AFR to target AFR (‘Incorporate AFR’): This option is similar to
the one above, but instead of using the current AFR value, the fixed stoich AFR is used.

So it would appear, you would be tuning to 14.7

Best turn it off until you resolve the issues, then turn it on if you feel the need. :)
By Davidk
That was fast! I really didn't expect so many answers and a fix this soon. Thanks everyone for the fast response and tips! For my other issues I will start a post in the 'user projects' sub forum :)

Great, I might buy one now

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