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By HugoW
Well, two sandwiches, one glass of milk and a modified blink sketch later; the blink sketch sets pin 5 high (5V) and low (0V) as it should. So, D5 on the Arduino is working and it reaches R50 because that is where I measured.

In some way, the Speeduino is not sending the signal to D5. Where to look next, where are the pins assigned? Some .ini file somewhere? I have no clue, I used SpeedyLoader to get the firmware on.


By dazq
Check to make sure that no other feature/output or input is attached to pin 5 as that will change its behaviour.

You could also try a total eeprom erase then reload the firmware. This has shown in the past to strangely cure a strange symptom ..
By HugoW
Well, here's something funny. I didn't change anything other then flashing the Adruino to the blink sketch and reloading Speeduino via Speedyloader afterwards, and now it works. I just put the ECU in the car to check something else and upon startup I heard an unfamiliar and rather anoying humm, and the IAC works. Changing the IAC percentage changes RPM, so it really does work. I don't get it, but I'm happy non the less. Maybe indeed it was the reload.

If anyone can explain do feel free, but I am just happy I can continue tuning, now.


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Not sure if it's clear, but you can open init.ino for a look in any text editor. Just right-click on the file and select to open with your favorite editor. Use the "find" feature in that editor to locate your board and its pin assignments, e.g. for the v0.4 series, they're under "case 3" in the boards section. Hope that helps make it easier.

Your choices may differ with your specific operating system:
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LPG2CV wrote:
Mon Nov 30, 2020 9:37 pm
Sounds like the eeprom had a spurious value in the byte thst set the idle pin.
+1. This rarely happens (usually old sketch junk left behind), but if you suspect it:
… If test results are poor, you have a Mega or code issue. Load and run EEPROM_Clear, then reload code. Try calibration and testing again. …
That sketch is in your Arduino IDE, and ensures all of your EEPROM is wiped clean before loading new or upgraded code.

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