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Hi all,

I just put together my 0.3.7 board yesterday and it had no issues installing firmware or connecting to tuner studio, but now it just isnt working and TS does not detect the board at all. I tried using a different usb connector with no luck, and I tried resetting the mega and reinstalling the firmware, but it only does it with the mega detached from the speeduino now, where yesterday it had no problem uploading the firmware with everything put together. With the speeduino attached it says the upload failed with this message:

avrdude: stk500v2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout
avrdude: stk500v2_getsync(): timeout communicating with programmer

The only things Ive done in between yesterday and today were hookup the IAT to test that(which didnt seem to work) and I put a jumper between the TPS and TPS return pins to stop the erratic behavior of that gauge in TS. I dont think the mega is bad since that works fine with the tx and rx leds flashing when the firmware uploads to the mega itself, just once the speeduino is attached it doesnt seem to respond at all. Any ideas on what could have gone wrong? Could I have screwed up the speeduino?
It sounds like a short on the speeduino board as you say the mega works ok with the speedy detached.
Tip. Don't jumper direct , for safety always use a resistor as the jumper in case you make an error in your connection.

Also make sure you select the correct board type in the TS setup otherwise you won't get correct or any response from inputs and outputs.
Even after removing the iat sensor and tps jumper I still get the same timeout error and failure for TS to detect the board, so its looking like I may have fried something on the speeduino itself. Following the schematic I tested between IAT and A0 and TPS and A2 which both read 470 ohms so it looks like IC4 might be the bad component? IC4 just looks like a circuit protection diode though so could this be the cause of the board refusing to connect? Im also assuming that works by shorting those inputs to ground if something goes wrong to protect the mega, so just for testing before I hook up any sensors or put this in the car do you think I could ommit the IC until a new one comes?
LPG2CV wrote:
Fri Nov 27, 2020 11:16 pm
However, try applying 5v from usb, and see if you can find where it stops supplying 5v
+1. You may also try stepping-back and taking a breath, then look for silly or small things. Are the Mega-to-Speeduino pins properly aligned and straight? Is IC4 backwards? Any solder "hairs" shorting something? Stuff like that all over the boards as a QC check.

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