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By kettlekev
So looking at my need for water pump and fan control.

Fan look pretty easy to setup in the standard system.

Water pump.....Can I assume I can use the high current Boost output as a PID controller with the CLT sensor as the driver?

If so my questions are:

How much current can the Boost output sink and is it a 12v switch (FET?)
I believe there is a PID table for boost? I think I want to keep it simple, i.e. slow speed below X temp and full speed at Y temp. Maybe even have 3 speeds, low, normal, high?

How do I make the table do this and output the right voltage or is it more a PWM signal (which I believe DC motors really need for speed control?)
By dazq
All outputs switch to ground
Pwm can be selected
Billzilla wrote:
Fri Nov 27, 2020 1:01 am
You should be able to use one of the PWM outputs, such has for the variable cam timing, to turn an SSR on & off to (effectively) create the variable voltage needed.
Can't reference anything to do this though other than load inputs so it's worthless for OP.
By Billzilla
Sorry kettlekev, I forgot to mention that to make the water pump work from a PWM output, you'd need to do a little re-coding to get the 2D map for it right. Not all that tricky for someone comfortable with coding .... which isn't me, a very talented friend of mine told me that's how he was going to help me make it happen for my (currently being rebuilt) old racing car.
By kettlekev
Thanks guys....last question.

So it looks like my 'simplest' option to get a 3 speed water pump is to create my own piece of code from the CLT sensor input and the maybe have it drive one of the boost high current outputs instead.

This is a 2 stroke race engine and managing water temp is something I need to do a bit better than just on/off.

Appreciate the help.


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