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By dazq
A bit of background.
So I have tried out a few options for my 7" infotainment/systems screen going in the centre of the dash in my project build . My aim was to have a OEM style screen connected to the other systems in the car.
First was a simple ra8875 based screen, then a nextion basic, then a nextion enhanced, but all were lacking and either needed a lot of work to achieve what I was looking to do or just couldn't do it.
I didn't go for the bare metal pi option as I didn't fancy relearning how to program that...

So I opted for an android based double din 7" car stereo. It has 2gb ram 16gb ROM with built in GPS, twin rear usb, reverse camera input, audio/video in/outs ,WiFi and Bluetooth.
Operating system is Android 10.1
Super cheap at only 53gbp from eBay UK and came within a few days .

The plan
I have been experimenting with a custom app to connect via usb to a teensy4.1 to control the hardware such as the heating controls etc so I can delete the manual knobs.
I will be adding a few other apps to boost its features
A usb module can be added to give tpms operation and monitoring.

A few photos of the unit are here.
I will post more as I progress.
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IMG_20201111_133757.jpg (2.28 MiB) Viewed 782 times
Thinking of this for ages. :)
Probably just msdroid for logging for me.
Can you post an ebay link please, or post a Part No. perhaps
By dazq
This was the listing

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/7-Android-10 ... 6dd5f4d21e

It has a lot of menu options that are not in the manual(surprise) including connection to OEM canbus! More investigation needed hmmmm.

Screen is nice n clear, see piccy.

Re heater controls, I enabled fiesta can and a heater control page becomes available! See other pic.
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IMG_20201111_162407.jpg (3.33 MiB) Viewed 763 times
By dazq
So I took a leap and ordered a canbus interface ( std 19pin plug to headunit) can't wait to see if it works!
I got this one
Car Stereo Audio 16PIN Android Power Wiring Harness Cable Adapter With Canbus Box For Ford Mondeo 07-10/Focus 07-11/C-MAX 07-10

And also one of these

LEEWA Android Car Media Player Navi Radio CANBUS BOX Wire harness For Volkswagen Golf 5/6/Polo/Passat/Jetta/Tiguan/Touran/Skoda

Both types were roughly 10gbp each set.

The instructions or any data I could find online mention anything can so fingers crossed :-)
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By Kinetic Research
Looks really good, thanks for keeping us updated with your work, following with interest.

I am really keen on the simplification that touch screens give to the driver interface.
I like the flexibility of the functions and display of vehicle information, and the pricing is certainly attractive but I am unsure of how to deal with keeping your "eyes on the road".
It's one of the issues raised by Gordon Murray in his T50 reveal recently, basically he bagged touchscreens as a dangerous distraction. I can see his point, but with clear display and good screen size surely it can almost be operated using peripheral vision?
By dazq
Project update.

So the first of the can interface cable sets came from china.this one is the ford one I ordered.
The hunch paid off , the "spare" connector on the back of the stereo accepts the plug from the cable set and all the other wires on the main 16pin line up correctly too.
Interestingly it looks like the "module" on the lead set mearly switches some of the lines to the head unit, namely
1. The on trigger( normally acc)
2. The illumination
3. Reverse trigger
This I assume it sees the appropriate canid and data for and triggers accordingly.just need to know what those IDs would be !

The actual plug into the headunit identifys itself as actual can + and - ?

I have peered inside the head unit to see if any component parts have been left off the board but all look present.

I found a diagram for the VW unit , but the wiring is the same for both.

I cracked open the can module to have a look, not much (see piccy), only thi g I found wada ncv7342 is the can transceiver.

Attached photos in case it helps anyone.

Going to setup and see what data I can send /receive next , hopefully I get something :-)

More soon
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By dazq
Update time

So I have both can modules here from China now, I also have the tpms add-on too.

I installed the tpms software and it works perfectly :-)
I have put a picture below to show what I got .

Now the can side of things is not going so well :-(
I was correct to think the headunit wouldn't startup as it was waiting for the key on data .
So I depinned that wire and powered it up normally.
There is no data from the can modules and neither responds to the can data I have in hand I think they need the key on to wake them up too....
BUT the good news is I set the scope onto the output pins from the head unit and there is data being sent by the headunit ! Yippee.
Eg .Press one of those HVAC buttons and data is sent.
It also periodically sends data when nothing is pressed too.
Unfortunately I don't understand what format it is being sent. I DEFINITELY isn't a can signal either in data format or voltage levels.
It appears to be a simpler serial signal ( only one pin the TX is sending data) but I cannot fix the baud.
The scope claims the data pattern is over 9 .31khz, though the analyser auto sets to 38400 baud.

So some progress but more to do.
Internal pictures of the other can module also below.

More soon
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IMG_20201205_174905.jpg (1.72 MiB) Viewed 324 times
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