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By kettlekev

I assume RF value is Required Fuel value? So does a table generator estimate that original RF value first? What inputs drive it?
Then the VE table generator estimates a % of RF value for injector timing again based on an another generator table set of inputs??

I did look at the table generators but some of the inputs didnt seem applicable for multi cylinder 2 strokes.

If its all in the tuning software manual as step process I will look again.

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By jonbill
In Tuner Studio, look in settings->Engine Constants.
There's a button labelled "required fuel". click on it, and enter the required values and it will calculate RF for you.

I don't know anything about 2 strokes really, but I don't see anything in the table generator that is 4 stroke specific.
Go to Tuning->VE Table->Tools-> VE Table Generator and fill in the values as best you can and it will generate your starting VE table.

More generally, have a rummage around all the menu options in Tuner Studio and see what's there. It won't all make sense to you, but later it'll come back to you and things start clicking into place.
By kettlekev
Aaha! Thanks for the pointers.

Now I am getting there. So my setup looks like this which I think is right for the 2 stroke, 1 injector per cylinder, 120 degree fire??
setup.PNG (37.65 KiB) Viewed 446 times
By kettlekev

Good catch thanks...of course.

I've got a Mega so will get a speeduino and maybe a simulator board now and start playing.

TZ350's posts talk about about crank pressure sensors and using a kind of dual map...
viewtopic.p ... &start=350

so I probably need to get my head around that as well.....

good start though.....thanks!!!
By kettlekev
Quick update.

As some of you may have seen in another post it's been a bit of a challenging getting Speedy to think it is a 3 cylinder 2 stroke, but basically the set up is;
wasted option2.PNG
wasted option2.PNG (104.74 KiB) Viewed 200 times
Ignore the required fuel for now and the stoichiometric ratio will be nearer 12:1.

I've found what looks like a good site for injectors- https://www.fiveomotorsport.com/keihin- ... berg-zx10/ and they are pretty helpful with getting characteristics.

I am going to run port injectors injecting under the pistons at the base of the transfers and the fly by wire throttle bodies will just control air obviously.

Crank trigger should in from the machine shop next week then I can do a basic ignition test with carbs before I go back to the dyno for a baseline.

Then its strip the barrels and get the injectors in.

Appreciate the help.
By LAV1000
Are you really going to use fly by wire throttle body's on a motorcycle ?
On a motorcycle you don't want a fully open stuck throttle valve, or even worse an abrupt shut down in the midlle of an high speed corner.
Which setup are you going to use for this ?

When using injection, make sure it doesn't upset the lubrication of your 2 stroke engine.
By kettlekev
The FBW is from my triumph 1200 bike, so a proven tech. I have also built in failsafes and backup (dual) TPS's. SO my scenario should be;
1. reduce rev's to a lower range followed by stop revs.

Lubrication is still via a mechanical rev driven pump.

We will see!!
By kettlekev
Question about required fuel.

From my setup...
required fuel.PNG
required fuel.PNG (174.43 KiB) Viewed 127 times
In the calculate required fuel box at the top, why are there 2 numbers? What's the difference?

Also I have run other fuel load calculators which gave figures in the 2-3ms range. 6ms seems high?

As injection time is a function of the injector flow and the volume of fuel required (in CC), how does speedy work out that volume and is it constant across the rev range?

I found this which seems useful .......https://mathtab.com/app_id=4033

fuel volume looks near constant with RPM/BHP change and it is easy to work inject time from volume and injector flow from here....Unless I am totally confused?
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