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By Rob123456789
Yeah and I'm not sure how I would feel about driving about with an e throttle controller that I've programmed to sometimes go to wide open throttle, that sounds a bit dangerous.

It would also definitely cost more money to make than you could ever save on fuel haha. I just thought it was an interesting idea that I hadn't seen anyone talk about.
By Modified 3 cylinder
I know it will not be balanced quite right. The thing that got me started thinking about it was if the engine had a misfire, say from a burnt valve and wasnt contributing, the car is still driveable.

It is a project that I thought of and I want to see if it would work. Thats why I built the engine stand. If I can get it to work I'll post back the results.

It will be a while. Work is back to 7 days a week.
By theonewithin
You would still need to find a way to disable the valve train for that...

Which if the engine doesn't currently have any support for would be an engineering nightmare.

Interesting idea but it's not at all very reasonable.
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By jonbill
just grind the lobes off the cam(s) for that cylinder and take the rod and piston out.
that would do it, surely?
By Modified 3 cylinder
jonbill wrote:
Fri Oct 30, 2020 7:48 am
just grind the lobes off the cam(s) for that cylinder and take the rod and piston out.
that would do it, surely?
That is somewhat close to what I want to try.
By theonewithin
Removing the rod and piston will cause serious imbalance of the rotating assembly.

You have removed a third of the reciprocating weight but none of the counter weights.

This idea is really not feasible without some serious engineering and access to some very specialised tools.
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I don't know if you're to the mechanical mods planning yet; but IMO I would find a local engine balancer you can work with. You can mod many ways, such as "holing" the top of the 3rd piston, or removing the piston and using a heavy wrist pin and bore buttons, or just removing the entire rod and piston while replacing it's weight with the equivalent of a "bob weight" as used in balancing. Or more expensive methods. Your new balancing-buddy will have their capabilities, knowledge and suggestions that you may consider and choose from.

By Modified 3 cylinder
You have given me a couple of ideas that I had not thought of. Thanks.

There are no engine machine shops around here.

This is just a low budget project to give me something to do.
By JHolland
You could possibly leave the piston in place to maintain the balance and remove the valves to de-compress it.
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