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By weps

Any progress on your project?

I've been following Speeduino along since 2014 with similar goals but haven't done anything with it yet. Personally, I was inspired by Robert Haines work and thought a Speeduino fork might be a better starting point than rolling my own: http://www.hainesengineering.com/rhaines/

Let me know if you need any help; I've been doing open source tuning since 2008 and aviation stuff even longer. Just don't have the time to work in the hangar these days.

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By bruceme
Anyone know how to trim the fuel by cylinder? Due to long and uneven induction runs and air cooling, this is really four totally different one-cylinder engines that happen to share a crank... I know that trimming fuel squirt by cylinder can fix this. Can speeduino firmware do this yet?

I put it down last year, but I'm picking it back up again. I'm focusing on the ignition first, then fuel later. I just upgraded one of my magnetos to a very dependable eMag (solid-state, buit-in generator, self contained). The difference in how my engine runs with that strong and hot spark is amazing. It made me realize I need to get back on this project.
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