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By Sagal89
Hello guys,
i am runing a 201903 version and all runs great (as far as possible with my tuning knowledge...) but it works well!
After this large year and a half, I tried to update. With 202008 version, engine is not firing up. What I can see is that I'm not reading crank signal (rpm ar 0 while cranking).
My trigger settings are:
Missing tooth 60-2, primary trigger crank speed, crank angle -90, trigger edge RISING, secondary FALLING, single tooth cam and medium filtering. This values are working well with 201903 version...
Also, I have checked all new features and edited values on new tables to give logic values...
I'm nearly sure the problem comes from trigger...
Can anyone help me?
By Sagal89
Ok, you're right...
As soon as i have any free time i will do it.
Tooth logger never worked for me... But i will give you something soon.
Thank you
By theonewithin
Also the new firmware has a lot of very large changes.

You ought to go through every single option new and old and make sure it is set to something sane.

This is likely one issue.
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