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Any questions you have before you begin buying, building and installing.
By master_pgl
I need again some help.
I would like to connect the cam senso via VR conditioner, but I have no idea if its a hall or iductive sensor.
The Type is Bosch 0232 103 022 with 3 pins. It is magnetic so it could be inductive, but all inductive sensors I know are connected by 2 pins.
I measured also the resistance between all pins, its huge ->infinite. This would mean its a hall.
By master_pgl
I found detailed informations. It is a hall sensor.
The pins are:
1: GND
2: Signal
3: power supply

By the way, it is the crank sensor in my case not cam as written above.
By master_pgl
Now there is an other stupid problem.

I connected 5V as power supply to this sensor, the output should be 5V squere, but it is 0,5V (the cable has no any divider)


The other thig is, the wheel has 2 missig theets, but the gap looks much longer.

Any ideas what could it be?
By master_pgl
One problem solved. The reason for missing pulses was the position of my sensor, I reduced the gap between wheel an sensor and it seams to be ok.

I checked this with an other sensor, same type (just a second one), the behaviour is exactly the same, 0,5V output, even with 12V supply.
My Idea is to use the VR-Conditioner, but I am not sure how to connect.
Is this so possible?
By dazq
I don't think you need the vr circuit tbh.
It would appear to be a lack of suitable pull up that is causing your voltage issues, do you have any fitted?
By master_pgl
You are right, i didnt connect the pullup resistor. Sometimes the solution is durectly in front of your eyes and you dont see it :lol:

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