Any general discussion around the firmware, what is does, how it does it etc.
Quite a few people seemed interested, so this weekend I'm going to be running a live coding stream aimed at showing the basics of how to work with Speeduino's code. I'll walk through adding a basic feature in the firmware, changing TunerStudio to interface with it and testing it on hardware. It's aimed at folk who have a little experience with Arduino already, but I'd love to have anyone interested in coding or just the project in general along.

I'm hoping to keep it very social and Q&A, so we'll see how it all works out. If you've got anything you want to see, just let me know!

For most of you US and Euro folk out there it'll be Saturday afternoon/evening and nice early Sunday morning for us Aussies. The times are:
PDT - Saturday at 3:00 pm
CDT - Saturday at 5:00 pm
EDT - Saturday at 6:00 pm
UTC - Saturday at 10:00 pm
AEST - Sunday at 8:00 am

Can I add that UK is UTC+1 (according to Google anyways)
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Looking good. Keep us updated

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Thank you David, very helpfull !!

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