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By noisymime
Post your tune up, I'd be extremely surprised if there's anything in the firmware that is specifically blocking that pin though. Have you confirmed it works with a previous firmware version?
By NickZ
what your saying sound right if you have pin 38 assigned in your tune somewhere to something else, ive had the same problem too when i selected a ignition pin as a fan output by accident.
if it was a firmware problem it wouldn't matter what board it was, if pin 38 is assigned as i ignition output most boards would have a problem on the new firmware.

Maybe the TEST function isn't working for that pin.
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By zoidberg
i doubt its the test not working or having todo anything with configuration in tuner studio, as it works now. I remapped the pin to another and removed the pin and bridged it and now it works.
I can take a photo later and upload it.

past my bedtime! I'll watch it on catchup.

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