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HI im really interested in getting started with this
Im a Mechannical Engineer by trade
but have done ignition tuning before on a NODIZ pro on a Renault 5 gt turbo ( addition of trigger wheel to crank and a ford wasted spark coil pack)

My new projects are Fiat 127 (705cc twin cylinder ) which i want to turbo
so would be looking to either do a blow through on the carb and use the speeduino for the ignition , or go full bore and install a throttle body with injector and control an injector or 2 and ignition timing for the small turbo

After this i want to be using it for a CBR1000 Bike engine on carbs - so again it will be either a blow through set up with the ecu controlling ignition vs boost or full injection vs ignition .

Which kit would be suitable to do this
im fairly well up to speed with tuner studio
just not sure which hardware i should be using
thanks in advance
Any of the boards will do what you want.

You will need to look at exactly what expected features you want vs what they can do so you can make the decision yourself.

Unless you spell out EXACTLY in a huge amount of detail what you want we don't know which board would be the best for you.


Just go EFI. Will be much easier than blow through.
Thanks for the input looks like NO2C is the way forward for me
any suggestions on where to buy ? cant seem to find it on Ebay UK
I would like the option to self build ,
so a kit with the Mega included would be awesome Also will i need a VR conditioner
first set up os 2 cylinder using wasted spark coil -
second set up will be 2 coil packs driving 4 plugs 2 units each with 2 leads comming off - guessing its wasted spark again
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