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For any pieces of hardware directly related to Speeduino (ie Boards, components etc)
By NickZ
Im going to sell them assembled like in the picture, you'll just have to add a Teensy 3.5 of your own.
they will be tested and come with a printed enclosure and mounting clip, connectors and pins to make your own wiring harness, Printout of the connections.

These will be $220 AUD plus postage, Ill be donating $20 from every board to Josh Stewart for his great work on the Speeduino firmware.

8 Injector channels
8 Ignition channels/ Switchable 5-12 volt output
4 Low current outputs ULN2803 (paired for 1A) fuel pump, Tachometer output, Thermo fan, Spare
MAP, TPS, O2, CLT, IAT inputs.
Stepper idle control
Buck power supply
5V Sensor inputs
Bluetooth/Serial header
Plug in VR modules, can be used with 5v hall effect without any other circuit and both VR inputs are protected.
100x80 board.

Be aware that the current firmware will not run sequential injection and ignition on 6 or 8 cylinders. I run one of these on my V8 using paired injectors and wasted spark. the paired injectors are using 4 injection channels with 0,90,180,270 degrees setting.
teensy small.jpg
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case small.jpg
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These will of corse run 4 cylinders with and have 4 high current outputs for Extras/Accessories and you would be able to use the 4 extra ignition outputs also.

Send me a PM if interested.
By lost
Can it run LOW-Z injectors with PWM ?
And can you implement "dual config" - So you have one configuration from tuner studio, and when you flip the switch it switches to second config... let's say economic or hi boost maps.

I have that setup with different ecu, it runs v6 60-2 sequent with 6 bosch and 6 LPG injectors, when i press button relay switches power to different set of injectors and ecu switches configuration VE, spark maps ... and that second set of LOW-Z injectors are running with PWM.

You also need wheelspeed input 2x for possible traction control.
By NickZ
As Broke4speed said. No, 99% of the ecu's you'll find on this site will be running or made for Speeduino firmware.
Read up on what Speeduino can do and that will answer your questions on the hardware.

But im sure in time the firmware will be able to do those things you need.
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NickZ wrote:
Wed Mar 20, 2019 11:22 am
But im sure in time the firmware will be able to do those things you need.
Perhaps not, as the specific features and how that user wants them applied are special to very few users. This places the development priority at a very low level. While Speeduino can do most of those things, it's not in the way the user specified. So, Speedy can do it, just not how he said it; and may never be able to simply because the user base would be so small and those users may not do the work for it. @lost, if you need those specific functions and features today as a plug 'n play, then you likely need a different specialized ECM. Speeduino is capable of many things other ECMs are not, just not those, or in that way — today. You can change that. ;)

As I understand it, table switching is not feasible due to the mega's memory limitations. I'm hopeful this will change with the possibilities of other processors being used. I think there would be a lot of interest from LPG users if Speedy had table switching capabilities.
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The concept of table-switching is actually very limiting, as a fuel change would also need ignition and many other changes to run really well; and so tune-swapping is the more complete and preferable method with greater and better capabilities. To do this, Speeduino does need greater memory storage, and some of the code wizards here have looked into the possibilities. It appears to be possible using an add-on memory chip (e.g., MB85RC256V) to load whatever tune you like, but will of course need both the extra chip added and the code written to make it possible. I do not know the current status of that effort. Let's not get too far off of the OP's thread with this. ;) Do a search on tune swapping if you want more info.

Lost :)

As PSIG suggests, we've gone off topic. Start another one if you want to discuss this further, or search for and restart an older one. :D

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