Speeduino is now on Github Sponsors (Rather than Patreon): https://github.com/sponsors/noisymime
For any pieces of hardware directly related to Speeduino (ie Boards, components etc)
I have too much stuff, so I'm selling to make room for more Speeduino stuff! Message me with questions or to order (*new members see note below). I take PayPal and will invoice for payment when ready to ship (usually same day). Taxes and stuff are your responsibility. Limited quantities, so first paid, first served until sold out. Items shipped at actual cost—no additional handling fees—from Seattle, WA USA area to any legal destination. Actual items in photo.
More and new stuff available in a few days!
v0.4.2 PCBs: Fresh and tested nice quality with HASL finish (tropical blue mask). Free ULN2803 to enable extra outputs with each order. $8 each, 3 or more $6 each. STOCK REMAINING: SOLD OUT

HC-06 Bluetooth modules: Programmed with Speeduino broadcast name, corrected high bps speed, security PIN, and tested ready to rock. Free wired connector. $8 each, 2 at $7 each, 3 or more $6 each. IN-STOCK :D

*New members—until you have 3 forum posts, you cannot send PM messages. To PM me now, join Speeduino Slack Chat and PM me there. Otherwise leave a note here and I will contact you with instructions

Speedy PCBs & BT06s.jpg
Speedy PCBs & BT06s.jpg (70.18 KiB) Viewed 3996 times
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TCR801 wrote:
Sat Apr 01, 2017 8:23 pm
Ill take a .4.3 with the extra board. Send me some contact info please.
Please inquire by PM to me. PM sent to you with following:

Hello! Please respond with your email for PayPal invoicing, your complete shipping address, any additional shipping instructions, and specifically what items and how many of each item you want. Thanks!

Thanks, W.M.! The Post Office is now closed for the weekend, so confirm your order and I'll wrap yours up and out on Monday.

[EDIT] You should have a tracking number by email now. ;)
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