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By dougo
starting assembly of my 0.4.2 board & noticed a discrepancy between the circuit for R41 (at 750 ohms) to the BOM (470 Ohms).
I take it the BOM is correct.
One comment is we could do with a 0.4.2 Wiki page: How hard would it be to modify the 0.4 page to an additional page for 0.4.2? All it seems to need is the relevant board layout. btw, it would be nice to have the font easier to read on the component overlay! that is why I picked up the discrepancy for R41, because I could not find the location on the board, so looked at the cct to see what it was wired to. (even if you enlarge the layout, it is still hard to read because the boxes interfere with the component font. (I am not sure if one can break the box outline for the text intersection?)

This is not meant to be a criticism, but an attempt to improve things. I am fully aware (& thankful for) the work that volunteers put into any/all of these open source projects. I would love to help with documentation for instance.

regards, Doug
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While we are on the v0.4.2, what is the recommended/official method to connect the fuel pump, fan, tach, etc., as the ULN2803 was deleted? Should any necessary parts be on the BOM to allow a functioning board with one parts order?

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