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OK, it's up! Image Other than necessary for formatting, structure, and graphics insertion—it has zero changes. Once it's up, I always see things I want to change, so let me know what you want to do. I'm thinking some breakup or listing in the sensor test would be good (it's a long paragraph to follow). But it went well with your pre-formatting. Thanks!


[EDIT] Oh yeah, I added credit at the end of your section, but we generally haven't done that. It's a community effort, and with group 'input and editing' it is less creditable, while no credit is less questioning of personal opinions or value. Makes you a bit less of a target also. ;) But, unless told otherwise by higher authority, in or out is your choice. Thanks again!
Doesn't look too bad, but I missed some of the paragraph formatting, I guess due to the double line break bit. Thanks for getting it up.

Away from the compter for a few days with just the phone, so I'll clean it up some early next week.

BTW, no need for the note on the contribution, happy to help where I can and don't need credit.
New file for the wiki topic - I changed formatting in the CLT / IAT sensor area. Also changed order of topics and formatting in the Entering Custom Values topic. Pictures and other sections are the same. Hopefully, this will make it clearer. When you make this edit, you can also remove the attribution ;)
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