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Good stuff, thanks! The differences in operating systems and IDE settings or versions will be causing headaches of one kind or another as we go along. But, it gives some ideas for changes to the Wiki to clear things up... a bit.

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By s10jam
cjcalhoun85 wrote:
Sun Apr 30, 2017 2:53 am
something else i just found out also i went to the serial monitor after compiling and installing the firmware like it said on the wiki. i typed in a capital s and nothing happened. dang what is going on here. compiled and flashed it another time. same thing nothing happened. for some reason on the bottom right corner of the serial monitor it lists the baud rate ate 9600. i remembered reading something on here about 115200 baud rate so i said what the heck i will try it. low and behold its working like its supposed to. i am using ide 1.8.2. the reason i was worried is because the ide message never changed or said anything different after i flashed the firmware. just said done loading in the little blue strip above the ide message. anyways long story short it is working and uploaded to my arduino mega. just thought you might want to know this bit of information to help another dummy like me out in the future.
A note has been added to ensure the baud rate is 115200. I ran into the same issue.
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