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By crazyafrican
In the Physical Layout section, both pin 2 and pin 39 are labeled "Injector 2 - Pin 2/2".

Not a big deal but might confuse some noobs
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By cx500tc
Note that is not limited to only Injector 2: all injectors connect to two pins on the connector.
This is by design so as to share current across multiple pins and not over load a single pin.
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By cx500tc
crazyafrican wrote:Yea, either one just needs to be labeled pin 1/2. Currently there is no pin 1/2 for injector 2
Unless I'm missing things, Injector 1 is 1/40; 2 is 2/39; 3 is 3/4; 4 is 5/6.
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By crazyafrican
You are correct. But look at pin 2 and pin 39, they are both labeled as "Injector 2 - Pin 2/2". There is no "Injector 2 - Pin 1/2". It's just a simple spelling mistake
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Edit: Thanks PSIG :D
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