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Sadly i am not able to edit anything in the wiki but i suggest adding a ribbon cable pinout to the 0.4 documentation, as most people would orobably use ribbon cables and without a mapping this is pain.
i thought of a table like the attached one.
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Speeduino can be confusing for people that have been using standardized IDC pin numbering for a long time. Speeduino uses non-standard pin numbering and layout originally suited for IC-style or similar pin/connector numbering, and listed in the Wiki: http://wiki.speeduino.com/en/boards/V04
IDC connectors were a later development, but numbering format carried-over. As an experienced tech, I would encourage you to forget it's technically IDC, just bite the bullet and follow that for consistency.

While I understand your conversion idea, it may serve to confuse newcomers more than help, unless the numbering were changed in the Wiki, PC boards, schematics, etc. As it is several years old, I think its far too late for that. Also, all existing references, posts, instructions, etc, are based on the current numbering, and can then confuse diehards as you try to convert back.

For diehards the conversion file may be helpful, but would have to be carefully offered in order to prevent that obvious confusion. Bummer, and sorry! Perhaps title your post "v0.4 pinouts using standardized IDC numbering" or something, obvious to diehards, and not too dangerous for newbs. <shrug> In the Wiki, I think it would have to only be a link, with warnings for others, for the same reasons.

Yea i didn't meant to change the numbering but just to have a conversion table there, so not everybody has to create one for themselves.
Because without the conversion table and me trying to convert it in my head this is what happened.
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