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For discussion of anything related to the Speeduino documentation wiki
By noisymime
The new wiki is now (finally!) available over at http://wiki.speeduino.com

This bring some considerable changes to the manual / wiki, most noticeably that it's built on a much more modern framework that is considerably more responsive and works better on mobile devices. Beyond that though there's a ton of new and updated content on it including a heap of new wiring diagrams (One of the most requested things).

There's going to be a few more changes to the website over the coming weeks, but this is (I think at least) a terrific first step
By Hasse.69
BRILLIANT. :mrgreen:
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Nice update! :D

One small repetitive wiring diagram issue is the relay terminal use opposed to DIN and ISO standards. The relay coil is good in the diagrams, but the power terminal is non-standard. That can be OK, but only for specific reason. More background about this simple but important standard is (randomly) here and here. Hope that helps.


DIN/ISO standard example:
Relay_Terminal_#_DIN_&_ISO.jpg (57.95 KiB) Viewed 3614 times
By noisymime
Fair call David.

How's thing look to everyone? Assuming I haven't missed anything else (It's been a long week) I'll update the rest of the diagrams with it
inj_4Cyl_seq.png (20.4 KiB) Viewed 3570 times
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Another potential consideration would be the relay grounding, which is commonly tied to a function such as Fuel Pump output, in order to prevent the devices (injectors, coils, etc) from receiving power except when the ECM commands and is ready to control them. While not universal and much depends on actual power flows and defaults, a scheme such as this prevents injectors flowing without control, coils with runaway dwell, devices back-feeding power to the ECM, etc.

This is another instance of "opening a can of worms", involving other considerations into a basic concept diagram. Perhaps just a note, or dashed optional grounding path "to ECM" or something? Something that indicates there's more to consider, but in the diagram isn't the place to get into it. :lol: Likewise, most systems do not take power from the key switch, but Main Relay power or distribution point switched by the key. A more generic "Switched +12V" power source is often used. Your call on whether to imply power and ground should be directly from the battery or other controlled source. :?

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By jonbill
Constructive feedback (intended as anyway!)
The "trigger patterns/decoders" should be in the reference section rather than tuning section.

I know the bluetooth setup instructions are there, because I found it with search, but I couldn't find a link to it from the higher levels. Maybe it could be linked into 'connecting to tuner studio' http://wiki.speeduino.com/en/Connecting_to_TunerStudio

I expected 'configuring Tunerstudio' to have the material from http://wiki.speeduino.com/en/Configuring_TunerStudio and http://wiki.speeduino.com/en/Connecting_to_TunerStudio, (which are in 'getting started') but it actually has the info on configuring Speeduino. Should the title of the section be 'Configuring Speeduino with Tunerstudio'?

Also would be great to have the article from speedyefi on adding a ULN, and a section for connectors - these 3 things (bluetooth, ULN, and connecting the 0.4 board IDE to the car are the ones that took me quite a while to get a handle on.

By sheckta
Hi, i can't say for my own opinion for the first segments but i couldn't agree more on the last one!
I also had trouble finding anything mentionning uln's eventhough i found plenty of board images featuring uln's and never once was it mentionned that uln's were requiered (being that i'm a total beginer in electronics that is)

Anyway thanks for reading and have a nice day everyone! :D
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