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Honda OBD2A/B connector --104 pin TE 179686-6, Plug A -- 32 pin TE 179681-6, Plug B -- 25 pin TE 179679-6, Plug C -- 31 pin TE 179680-5, Plug D -- 16 pin TE 179678-6

OBD1 Honda Header -- 64 pin TE 174518-7 (same as Mazda)
Copy/Paste from Andrey's thread-

I've done some digging in this regard. My interest is specifically Toyota, but I believe there is plenty of Japanese crossover. As I can't edit the wiki, I'll put my findings here.

https://www.te.com/commerce/DocumentDel ... 7F172315-7

is an excellent chart for 80s Toyotas. Both of the 18 pin plugs are now obsolete. The 52 pin socket (TE 172319) correlates with Toyota ECUs labeled 10-18-24, such as early 3SGE, 7MGTE and 4AGZE. The 30 pin socket (TE172491) suits ECUs labelled 18-12, specifically the ADM 22RE. The 42 pin socket (TE 172489) suits ECUs labelled 10-18-14, such as early 22R(T)E and 4AGE.

For later (90s) Toyota ECUs, the common connectors are the 64 pin (26-16-22) listed in the wiki, the 54 pin (26-16-12) suits the last 22RE, 4AGE, 4/7AFE, and a 42 pin marked 26-16 (TE 175446-1) which suits the listed 42 pin models, as well as some 22RE and 4AFE ECUs.

Hope this helps someone. Would love to see this info in the wiki. All these connectors have PCB footprints in PDFs on the TE website.
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Not sure if this is in an earlier post, but here's some info on the golf VR6 coil pack with built in igniters:

Vw part number of coil pack 0031585001. Pins are 3mm wide and i measured them at 5.5mm pitch.

The connector for this coil pack with the rectangular connector (some are oval shaped) is known as a "flat connector" , part number for this is 357972755.

Please note, this is NOT the same as a JPT (junior timer) connector! e.g. Bosch part number 1280703024 is NOT the correct connector for this coil pack. It is too small.

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