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By ecumania
How can I contribute to the WIKI.
Do I just raise a subject and post to the forum or is there a section in github where comments can be placed?
One thing would be error tracking the other thing is decoder pattern.
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Awesome! :D Comments, suggestions, information, and assembled sections or articles can be dropped in the Wiki section of the forum here. Print-ready submissions are preferred using the Wiki structure and MediaWiki formatting if possible, though we can do the conversion with time available, and would not want to inhibit submissions. If you plan to become a large-volume contributor, then inform noisymime, so he can determine direct access to the Wiki as-appropriate.
By ecumania
Thanks David
I think Wiki Access will be to much as English is not my mother tongue. You will have to alter my grammer. :mrgreen:

Here is a example of text as a starting point.
For advanced people this may be basic. Feel free to comment.

Error Traking
The Most difficult thing is when Things don't go the way we want them to go.
With Speeduino we have one of the most adaptabel ECU that exist's on the market.
You can even contribute to it's outcome.

What happens when Things go wrong.
The most successful technic I found it is a systematic approach.
By that i mean you go by a flowchart and answer questions you ask yourselfe or get asked by people.
In the forum you will see a few examples of this.

What do I need, to find a fault.
A joted down layout of your setup. As you go along you may want to take Notes where you checked.
A Multimeter with Restistance and Direct Current Display in the 0 to 12V Range.
I will not mention Tools, like Soldering Iron and players. I assume you know what you do.
When things go more deep, you will need a scope or a Spectrum Analyzer.
What Version of Speeduino do you use?
The Schematic for your Version.
Schematic for your Vehicle.
Computer with Tunerstudio installed. The licensed version will give you more options but is not necessary.

Where am i at. Does Speedduino work and react to Tunerstudio?
If not check the LED on Speeduino and the USB cable.
If nothing happens at this stage you need to find a power problem.
When the controller has no LED light up, check for 5Volts on the Mega2560.
There is a PSU on the Speeduinoboard that will provide 5V for the System. Look for it on the Schematic and check for it.

No startup reaction when you crank.

Is Speeduino assembled fully and are the parts all working as as they should, or did they work before conversion.
You may think this should be obvious, but in your exitement you may have missed something.
It all depends on your setup and starting point.

Power source.
Does it come from a 12V Car battery or clean powerpoint and is it stable.
When the Car Battery is weak the supply Voltage could be to low for speeduino to operate or to get a good spark.
One sign is loosing connection to Tunerstudio when you try to operate the engine.
Take a sparkplug out and check for visible sparks.
Without sparks you will have to check the ignition system.

Check the coils for 12V source power.
If this works the coildriver may not work. But first check the coil for its operation. Ground the coil directly and feed it with 12V System Power. Does it provide a Spark. If this works your coildriver does not operate correct.
Now here you have two choices, it could be the trigger sensor system or the actual Ignition driver.

When you crank, do you get an RPM reading in tunerstudio or does syncing just flash.
With a clean RPM reading the Coildriver needs to be checked.
At this stage it may be easier to use a scope to get further as the signal levels to the Ignition driver needs to checked.
You could actually feed the coildriver with 5Volt and ignite a spark.
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Excellent! Actually, I think this may be good to start a new Wiki and Forum section: Troubleshooting
It can be a small collection of guides and information such as yours, that we can send users to when they have problems. We can take added examples from the Forum section, and add them to the Wiki as they develop. Thanks for your outline!
By ecumania
As i was writing and rewiewing the Text i came to a similar conclusion. You have to think of the Person you try to address and the Level of knowledge they have. I try to splitt up the issues and build references.
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