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There are many options for signal conditioners, and some work better than others in specific situations, so there is no "official" anything. The LM1815 is certainly one option, and has been discussed many times here, and used by many including myself. Please do a search for "lm1815" and read-up on it, how it works (or doesn't), along with limitations, advantages, and circuit tuning requirements. You will quickly find there is no single device or circuit that works for all or even most … ;)

A quote of mine to give some context, and why it is not a Wiki topic:
hannded wrote: ↑
28 Aug 2018 14:15
Are the fritzing capacitor values right? I only see 104 and 103 capacitors when in the psig bom is different in the dual channel one
No. They were only generic values he used in Fritzing as "placeholders" for designing the PCB. Note that the LM1815 can be used in many setups, but is a "tuned" circuit for the application. That means some values may have to be substituted to make it work. For example, the 300r or 330-ohm shunt resistor is a random value that is commonly 330 to 10k depending on the sensor used, and appropriate watt rating. :!:

This is one reason the LM1815 is not used much anymore except by those that understand how it works and how to adjust component values until it works. It may work perfectly with the values listed, but if not... ;) It is also why there is not much info or support for it in the Wiki. It's a good choice for geeks as it's cheap, but can have more setup headaches than other choices, such as the Speeduino VR Conditioner, the MiniMAX-A2, or similar "smart-chip" solutions.
Here's an SMD LM1815 plug-in module I did a few years ago. It was a failure. Oh, it worked perfectly :D but only for some similar applications, and as it was not able to be easily modified, could not work for other installations that required different circuit tuning. :(
PSIG_LM1815_VR_SMD2_cr.jpg (95.88 KiB) Viewed 1545 times
Some stuff that may help in your quest:
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RichCreations LM1815 VR board (OshPark)

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