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By cx500tc
Jansun wrote:Found some time to make some new drafts this evening:


I'm not realy satisfied, cant find the right style and design right now..
I'm partial to the one @ 2nd column, 2nd row. I like how the OSH cog is hugging the "S"; not sure if about the hanging "triangle" above the "P" though- "S" could be shorter. <- my opinion only.
By Old Grey
I can glance at the blue ones a couple of times and it doesn't click that it's automotive related. The instant message is the "SPEEDUINO Engine Management Systems", and it's being over powered by the large symbol so that you don't notice it. The black writing one points it out, but it won't when it goes mono silkscreen graphic.
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By cygnus x-1
The gear and infinity aren't really adding anything for me. It just kinda seems too busy looking or something. The infinity also seems redundant with the "duino" in Speeduino.

By Old Grey
I tried putting it the "O" before this one, but it looked even more busy. I only added it because it's so prominent in the ones above, like it has to be there. Maybe if I make it tiny and put it after the EMS.


I still like cx500's best
By Old Grey
I like changing one letter in a set of fonts to make the whole thing unique, like the blue ones above, it's just that I'm not that good with svgs to do it.
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