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By cx500tc
Speeduino is in the market for a new logo.

Submit your designs as a reply to this topic...
... or join us in Slack chat, topic "#general", and post it there.

We already have suggestions:
pasted_image_at_2016_10_19_03_38_pm.png (89.51 KiB) Viewed 2939 times
... and ...
speedylogo.png (90.12 KiB) Viewed 2939 times
... and a variant of the above ...
speedylogo2.png (88.6 KiB) Viewed 2939 times
I think the rules are fairly simple:

1- A logo submitted for use as the board silk screen must be monochrome and should scale well without distortion. Limit the dimensions to something reasonable, and provide a vector-based image like SVG or similar as well as a PNG or comparable image for use on the website as well.

2- A logo submitted for use as the forum logo may be multi-colored, but please consider the current color scheme used on the site. ;)

3- Feel free to consider logos with "tag lines", other graphics and formats like tee-shirts, key chains, bumper stickers and the forum logo. Keep in mind the limited space available at the top of the forum pages.

4- All submissions must be original and may not infringe upon, derivative of, associated with, or easily confused with: any marque, logo, or other identifier, whether registered, trademarked, copyrighted or otherwise able to be construed as infringing upon that of any other entity whether automotive related or not, disparaging of any other system or project similar to, or relatable with, the functionality Speeduino provides.
"Original" also implies any imagery included is not subject to any sort of copyright infringement. The use of things like "clip-art" and such must be fully free of any restrictions including, but not limited to, pay for use, royalties and attribution.
Long story short- no one will benefit if lawyers get involved. ;)

5- All valid submissions will remain as the intellectual property of the individual(s) submitting the work(s), with the exception of those accepted for use as being officially associated with Speeduino and its endeavors.

It is being considered to award prizes for winning* submissions... actually, it's down to what sort of prizes to award... and since you will retain your rights of total ownership with regards to the content you submit until such time as it is accepted for use here, "go to town" and bring your best ideas!
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By cx500tc
apollard wrote:Might want to host the pics somewhere besides slack. Without a slack account, the pics don't appear in the posts.
Didn't realize this, so thanks!
OP updated.
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By cx500tc
Nice showing so far. :D

Remember, though, there should be some continuity between the board logo and the site logo... whatever that may be. So if you do one, consider the other. That's not to say one should be a copy of the other with different color constraints, just that there should be a way to link them together.

Nike wouldn't be the same without the "swoosh".
Volkswagen wouldn't be the same without the VW in a circle.
Ford is a blue oval; Chevy is a bowtie.
Megasq.... never mind.

We can do better!
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By cx500tc
evo_lucian wrote:I am really liking the 3rd logo posted by cx500tc
That's not mine, just one of the ones which have been posted up in chat.

I like it too, but don't think the MOSFET in the O fits the theme. I mean, I get it, but does that yell out to people DIY ENGINE CONTROL...? On top of that, for flow, if you tie the last letter of the product in to the logo, maybe try tying the first letter in too....

By Old Grey
The DUINO sells it to the electronics guys just by the name, but to the general public it has to be dynamic and strong and eye-catching, and that gives the impression of creditability and professionalism. The one at the top is ok but it just have that competent feel, it needs stronger text and sharp corners, it looks a bit DIY.

A font is as good as a swish, just look at MoTeH, HALTECH, but I'll add something.

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