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By xavierbccat
Is there some possibility to open locale and translations in the wiki and also in this forum? I'm from Catalonia (Spain) and I consider that it will be beneficious for speaking spanish community and Speeduino project (amazing project).

By noisymime
Mediawiki has a fairly good array of tools to assist with translating. I'm happy to look at adding these and providing anyone who wants to assist the access to do this

I'll have a play with getting them installed and post back
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By ElDominio
I've done a mostly-finished .ini of the current firmware in Spanish, it's attached here :P

There's a few things missing but most important labels are in spanish, and descriptions.


Just noticed that the post talks about the wiki, not the Tunerstudio pages. Oh well, still something to share LOL
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By dazq
Just a thought you can select alternate languages directly in tunerstudio?
Try that see if you get a translation without needing the custom ini file :-)

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