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By BryanSouza
An update to this thread...

I have had this car running off and on for the last 2ish years. I was sent a pump from an RZR-Turbo 1000cc water-air intercooler pump made by Bosch. I had originally purchased the lingenfelter pump but it failed(haven't figured out why yet).

Only thing I have had a problem with was leaks. with all the added connections from the different size hoses and pump. I have had fun keeping water in it, I fixed that recently and rerouted the hoses to be more efficient. Seems to be running great as of now.

Temperatures have been normal. Boost read through the Torque Pro Android App, has been at max 13.3psi. Definitely more torque with the Alta Racing 17% overdrive pulley.

Anyways figured I would update for anyone still interested.
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