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By Boosted_Bug
Hi to all,

I was running a MS-2 on my bug since 2012 then decided to run a UA4C unit. I installed the wiring and all but I don't understand what setting goes in the trigger where it states degree ATDC. MS-2 has 80 on that spot.

I am running wasted spark. I attached a pic of my pulley config where my sensor sits at the #9 tooth. So, I want to know what degree number goes there since I tried: 80, 132, 347 and a few more without any success.

Thank you in advance.
Crank sensor
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i would think 150* trigger angle would get you within 5*

then set fixed timing to 10* and apply a timing light.

adjust the TA so that timing marks line up with 10* advance.

dont forget remove fixed timing afterwards.
By Boosted_Bug

I tried starting the car and NADA...I saw the ig leds blinking but no spark. I am using 2 BIP373 for spark A and B of the wasted spark coil. Using rising edge and going low.

Crank dwell 4.5
Running dwell 3.8

Any ideas?
By Boosted_Bug

So today I fiddled with the car and it turned on bogging when pedaled. I put cranking dwell at 6.0ms which I norpticed my MS-2 setting had. I need to know if a setting goes rising or falling.

I believe the car turned on at 280* but can't remember if it was rising or falling.

By hello
if you still aren't getting spark, recheck wiring/components, has to spark no matter the timing
can you hook up timing light to check it?
Does the UA4C have a VR conditioner built in, or do you have a separate one?

Myself, I've used HE, so no experience with VR. However, from what I understand, some invert the signal, its also important to have the wire the correct way around to work optimally.

Can you do a tooth log in TS? It requires a licenced version.
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