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Dear Friends,

Speeduino 0.4.2 boards for just 11$ FREE SHIPMENT!


Speeduino 0.4.2 boards with VR conditioner V2 for just 14$ FREE SHIPMENT!

You can PM me here or contact me on 9582510@gmail.com

For those that don't want to wait, provide address and payment to Paypal account 9582510@gmail.com

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Does anybody know an europe based, electronic components supplier, that has the IC's and transistors from the 0.4.1+VR BOM?
Digikey / Farnell / Mouser demand up to 40$ in shipping to Romania. TME, Distrelec dont have the parts listed...
You can do another trick. Order the parts through store.comet.bg (they ship from Farnell without any shipping charge and then ship it to you via post or courrier), then ask them to ship it via Speedy (they ship to Romania and it won't be 40$).

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