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By cx500tc
nollsjunollnoll wrote:
Old Grey wrote:Opps, I just got the memo.

You might want to check on the Q4 in Fritzing because it's different - probably wrong - compared to the v.0.4.1 BOM.
What's the difference, you say? :oops:

Edit: Just noticed this topic. Why would 1 differ from the remaining 7? Must be a wrong label?
Sometimes it might be a matter of a better component, or may be related to some product reaching end-of-life status.

It is really difficult to keep everything up, running and synchronized.
By Old Grey
I'm guessing it's a typo in the Fritzing - people don't label 100% in FZ - as I've just checked that it's been there since V0.3. The BOMs have the STP62NS04Z.
By noisymime
Yes, the part in Fritzing is mislabelled. The BOM is correct and the v0.4.1 and v0.4.2 boards have identical components.

I'll rename the BOM to v0.4.2 to avoid any confusion, but you're very much safe to use that spreadsheet.

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