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For any pieces of hardware directly related to Speeduino (ie Boards, components etc)
By nollsjunollnoll

I'm looking for someone that sells all components needed, except board and map sensor as a complete kit for 0.4.2 ready to be soldered.
You're welcome to either respond here or PM me.

Kind regards,
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I'm not quite sure what you mean by ALL. There are electronics houses that carry all the components to complete a board (including cases and MAP sensors), such as Digi-Key and Mouser. There are similar stores in many countries. Are you after more items for a specific installation?

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By cx500tc
There's not a BOM in the board download?

From there, it wouldn't be hard to go to any one of the component vendors and place an order... only thing missing would be the board itself, no?
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By cx500tc
ConnerMcLaughlin wrote:Damn people! It was a simple straightforward request.
I'd think that if someone was able to satisfy the request, that person would have replied in the affirmative... or maybe they did via PM and we don't know. Either way, we are giving to OP... and others... the ability to discover what parts are needed so as to allow for ordering the parts from whichever vendor they choose.

Otherwise, it is much easier to type "look here and order things" than to list what needs ordered individually, no?
By nollsjunollnoll
Sorry for late response. What I had in mind was if anyone had stock on the complete BOM, except those parts mentioned in the first post since I'll be using an alternative map sensor - the MPX4400AP, for example. :shock:

If I have understood this right, the difference between 0.4.1 and 0.4.2 is a correction of a grounding problem found by a member of this forum. The 0.4.2 gerbers are already uploaded on Github, and I've ordered a protopack.

I have uploaded the latest BOM on Mouser and added to shopping cart. Doing a last check before ordering just to make sure I haven't missed out on something :roll:

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