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I have ordered more Speeduino 0.4.1v boards,
This time I also ordered VR conditioner.

Because ordering big quantity the board with the VR conditioner cost only 14$ Free shipping!!!! :shock:
If you like to buy just Speeduino 0.4.1v without VR its only 11$ Free shipping.



For more information you can PM me or E-mail me on 9582510@gmail.com

All credits to noisymime

Kind regards

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letty wrote:So let me get this straight, you are selling for $8.00 what the other guy gave for free and the actual version 4 board is more expensive?

We need to get him back....

Sorry but don't really understand you, Can you be more clear?

Who we need to come back?

Very good price for SPEEDUINO 0.4.1 with VR board included.
Keep it up!!! :D
Where did you get the VR boards done?

Best regards , Hasse
Thank you.

Since my last issue with one of the supplier here on this forum (I think that everybody know what I'm talking about :oops: ) one of the forum guys said:
"Awesome, there goes the only consistent supplier of boards in the US, thanks guys. :x"
So I take it on my responsibility to make this kind of boards in better price with no change in quality, right now people from all over the world can buy the boards in less price with shipment.
Just 14$ (the last price that I saw is 12.5$ without shipment, I don't know if it include the VR).

I ordered a lot of speeduino boards and the VR board from company that dealing with this kind of things near my office.
Some of them he is printing by him self and some of them he getting it from other company.
I gave him the files, he review them and told me come back in 2 weeks. (it's actually take 3+ week).

Do you want me to ask him about something?

Best regards,

Hasse.69 wrote:Very good price for SPEEDUINO 0.4.1 with VR board included.
Keep it up!!! :D
+1. Excellent, Benny! Just to clarify, the little board with it is not just VR, as that digital/VR (opto/MAX99xx) board will optionally accept any digital and VR, and with your choice of components, virtually any tach input out there including magneto, coil negative, etc. An excellent option to fit almost anything. Thanks for serving the Speeduino community and with a great price, too!

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