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By rallye-tuner
Hello every one :D

I have made some preassembled speeduino 0.4 boards for those having problems with soldering.
Or for those want just a pre assembled board.

The price for 1 board icluding arduino will be 145,0 euro .
The price for 1 board without arduino will be 130,0 euro.

shipping for inside europe wil be around +- 20,0 euros with track and trace.
and without track and trace shipping will be around +- 12,0 euros.
for outside europe please ask.

If anyone is interested please pm me. ;)



By noisymime
Out of interest... What are the MOSFETs you've used for the injector and high current drivers? They don't appear to be the STP62 (Which is fine, just curious what you went with).
By rallye-tuner
edc_atl wrote:
rallye-tuner wrote:I have used IRFZ44N for the injectors and high current drivers.
Which require a heat sink.....
If have tested thish setup, and they not even getting warm at all. :)
By berthfield

What has your experience been using these MOSFETS? I have access to a few and have been considering using them. I mainly want to know what your ambient temperatures are like as well as how extensively you have used these boards.
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This conversation does raise a good point however, that the parts should be capable of the maximum anticipated abuse. A cruise at 25% MOSFET duty cycle is a lot different than a rally race at nearly 100% DC for extended periods. This is where the possible need for cooling or a different part comes-in. Lots of parts can work, and some less expensive than in the BOM, but they may or may not be suitable for max conditions of ambient, load, and switching heat unless verified by calculation and testing. It often surprises me when choosing parts how little power stuff can handle at elevated automotive and use conditions. I think noisymime has done well in this and has set good benchmarks if looking for alternative choices. This is not suggesting over-building, but simply building with enough planned capacity to work and continue working reliably in that little sealed box, under any realistically possible load and ambient conditions.

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