For any pieces of hardware directly related to Speeduino (ie Boards, components etc)
By bugster_de

I'm working on my own Speeduino board design at the moment (slow progress a long the lines of spare time unfortunately) and I seem to be unable to source the surge protection Varistor in the 5V Powersupply over here in Germany.

The component in question is ERZV14D220.

Can anyone recommend an alternative / replacement for this which would be easier to source?

Thank you so much
By dazq
Does this mouser part not appear on the German site? ... oswqDhA%3D
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By pazi88
Any surge varistor with same specs or close enough is same. In mouser/digikey, you can tick the specs of the component and use "show similar" for that.
By dazq
Sorry pasted wrong link ,changed to correct one now these show delivery expected 16dec, 960 on order
By bugster_de
Hi folks,

thanks for the reply and hints.
The component shows up on but they expect minimum order volume. So I will need to collect my complete BOM and then order with them.

Best regards
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