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By Jacob Roy
Hey everyone,

So I am extremely new to ECUs especially Speeduino, and I am in a bit of a pickle. I am currently working on a project on my 1994 Miata with a 1.8 naturally aspirated build, with a few bolt ons such and the NB purple injectors and the Skunk2 throttle body and intake. I ran my stock ECU for a while but with the added intake flow and throttle body size, I was forced down the path of tuning because the only way I was able to sort of run my car was to boost up the fuel pressure. I say "sort of" because my car constantly ran super rich and there was a certain spot in the throttle where the car would lean out.

Anyways after that background information, I am experiencing a problem with getting my car to run on the base map I have downloaded for the car. I can get the car to start sometimes without having to keep my foot on the throttle, but if I dont apply the throttle it stumbles to idle and then just dies. I have tried closed and open loop idle settings, preferably I would like to tune closed loop, but the car is still struggling. I have a datalog of me trying to get the car to run as well as the current tune settings I am running linked below. I f someone has any ideas as to what is happening seeing as I am new to the tuning scene, it would be much appreciated. ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing
By jonbill
Hi, I can see a few things in there:
1) you've got fixed/locked timing turned on, so your spark advance is never more than 10 degrees.
2) your TPS doesn't seem to be working or connected
3) you should turn off closed loop 02 correction at idle and until you've got a decent tune.
4) it's a little rich when it's running, but not so rich it shouldn't run.

I think it will run a lot better with the fixed/locked timing turned off.
By pani
In Addition to what jonbill said

1. I would change map sample method to event cycle
2. Turn off launch control until tuned
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