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By zataviou

I have put a speeduino on my yzf 125, this is a single cylinder four stroke engine without cam sensor. I would like 1 spark every rev and 1 injection evry rev, how configure it in tuner studio?

This is my actual configuration:
spark.png (26.81 KiB) Viewed 1195 times
CONSTANT.png (35.34 KiB) Viewed 1195 times
Is it ok ?

My bike does not want to start, it seems very close to start but no :evil:
Yesterday it started but today nothing

i'm french, excuse me for the mistakes and i hope you can understand me
Welcome :)

2 squirts per cycle. And, i think wasted spark Should do it.
When you change to two squirts, look to see if the required fuel halves.

Post your tune, and a log of you tryingbto start it based on that tune. :)
By zataviou
if I put 2 squirt required fuel is set to 0

you can find my log and the configuration file in my .rar

in log file i can see a positive value for"sync loss" does it mean there is a problem with my crank sensor ?

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im seeing a very odd VE table! Cells to 5200 rpm are 28. Is that what you have?

Do you have an O2 sensor and controller?
Best to load a base table provided. You can download a zip from speeduino github. There are base files in the reference folder.
You will need to replace the spark table. Search for megasquirt spark table generator on the web.
Once you've load the base tune, generate spark, afr, and ve tables. Go through all the settings.

That should able you to start the engine.

Let us know how you get on. :)
By zataviou
I loaded the bases ve table and it started!

I have always a problem , the fueling is very bad (i can not open the throtle more than 5% and more tha 4000rpm)

I have reused the oem map sensor and I am not very sure about his calibration, I will buy a mpx4115 to be sure and compare.

thanks for your help
By theonewithin

You have the engine running.

Now you need to actually tune it.

You will not find a tune that you can load and it just works.

You have to tune it.
By zataviou
For sure I have to tune it, but before I want to be sure that my sensors works properly.

It is the first time I work on a fully programmable ecu and I don't know how it should be working

to understand, if I have a VE of 50 and a "required fuel" of 8.2ms that means I will get a PW of 4.1 ms (or 2.05ms for non sequential) ?

you have the tune and log in the attached file
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