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By totallyKei
Sorry if this is too far out of the realm of this forum, if it is just tell me to take it elsewhere.

Got my 245 running (sort of) with my 0.4.4 today, and it's been neat to mess with. Just finished up getting a wideband signal run into it, and everything has been a pleasure to work with. I'm a little confused with gamma enrichment. It sits around 200 something percent, and while running (again, barely) will sit around the high 600% range. I can't find much on it, I feel like it's related to warm up enrichment? The car is barely running because it's absolutely dumping fuel. I popped into VE and just toon a ton out in my target idle area and got it to smooth out, with cells around 9-10 which seems crazy low. Anyways, I picked up the full version of TS in order to let it self correct with AFR, so that's for tomorrow. TS is super super new to me, so I apologise if this is all just obnoxious.
By pazi88
Gamma enrichment is all your enrichments combined (WUE, ASE etc.) It should be sitting at 100% when engine is fully warmed up.
Plus one to Pazi88

Its not uncommon to get very high readings if you have not connected coolant temperature sensor.

Dont assume autotuning will fix everything for you. :)

Logs are your friend, and you can view them in the free version of Megalogviewer. A spreadsheet can aso be used.
By totallyKei
They are, they're bang on. Bosch sensors. It's weird, before I start the car gammaE is at 100, then it shoots up and stays like that.
So, either take a log of it happening and post it, and ensure you also post the tune that was current at the time.

Or, add the enrichment fields to your screen. Right click on the screen and select design mode. :)
By totallyKei
Thanks a ton. I'm stumbling through a tune on it, I just barely have the thing running. The stress has been high, I can't seem to get the thing to run decently at all.
By theonewithin
Ideally when first starting out you have all enrichments disabled/zeroed out so they don't do anything. Get engine running and up to temp. Tune it from there.

Once you are good at idle and warm you can work on your cold start next time engine is cold.

And once warm you can do hot start tuning pretty easy.

The main thing is ALL enrichments are based off your actual VE table.

So if it's not finished there is no point working on any of the enrichments until it's sorted.
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