Help with building your Speeduino, installing it, getting it to run etc.

I've got a 1.6l NA MX5 running a speeduino PNP board. I've got an NB8A donor car and will be swapping in the 1.8 (BP4W) from it and want to adapt the 1.6 loom & speedy to suit. I've got an internally regulated alternator ready to go on. will be wiring the new VTPS plug to suit the old loom.

I've been reading up on the swap on the net and it seems i can either:

1) Swap the old CAS onto the new motor and extend the loom to suit
2) Modify the existing CAS wiring to use the 1.8l crank & cam sensors and make software changes in Speedy to accept the new signals.

Is there any advantage/disadvantage to either option?

It seems like the new sensors would allow me to run sequential fuel and/or spark if i wanted, but i don't understand exactly what performance advantage that has. Is it something i should be looking at?
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