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By Steveweippert
Hi guys I have a 1989 Plymouth Voyager minivan with a 2.5l sohc 4cyl that was turbocharged from the factory for 2 years. It has mpfi and runs batch from the factory. It also has a distributor and single external coil. Inside of the distributor is a trigger with 4 vanes on it and one has a hole in it. There are 2 hall sensors that read the veins. There was a setup before in tunerstudio specifically for these motors but I cant find it. I've attached the documents I've found for megasquirt when it was working. Any thoughts on the trigger settings? Should it be basic distributor? I also have a flexplate that will bolt up that has the later jeep 2002 / chrysler 3.3/3.8 trigger setup it was also used on the 2.5 jeep 4cyl.Thanks from michigan, usa
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Unfortunately, either option will require a decoder written for it, or custom distributor wheel or flexplate made or modified for the application. The distributor is a 4+1 on one sensor, and a staggered 8+1+1 with both sensors, so no Basic Distributor option. The Jeep flexplate option also has staggered gaps twice per crank rev, making it unusable with the Jeep 2000 decoder only for 6-cylinder versions.

Closest alternative option is using the 4-vane distributor wheel version without the hole, using Basic Distributor decoder. Although it would be a low-resolution setup, it would not be any worse than the many stock-distributor 4-bangers running on Speeduino. Limitation is no cycle signal for anything but batch and distributor ignition. If there were a V8 distributor wheel version that would fit could be an option for better resolution, then also one vane could be removed for full sequential and any type of ignition from distributor to waste-spark, CNP, COP, etc, in Missing Tooth (Cam) mode.

By Steveweippert
Luckily I have one of those single plug distributors without the hole from an n/a car I've been tossing around the idea of doing washer with teeth so I could do 8-1 or 12-1 with one of the screw in hall sensors. I'm only looking to do batch fire on injection and wasted spark for ignition.
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Well, if you need to do any work anyway, then consider all your options. Below is a nice laser-cut 36-1 wheel I grabbed from a member here (Gpineau), which can fit in many of the larger distributor bodies. I'm using mine in a Ford distributor if it isn't stolen for a GM HEI dist first. Something like that could vault you directly to higher resolution and all fuel/ignition options using Missing Tooth (Cam) decoder. Just throwing ideas.

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By Steveweippert
That looks awesome I wonder what size it is it looks like it may fit. I have a few distributors to play with. Also looking at the 8 vane idea I have a sbc distributors with an 8 tooth wheel in it.
By Steveweippert
Got this hall sensor it has an led on it. I wonder if it will light every trigger.
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