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By subzero
Hello guys ,im going to replace old continue injection on my w201 2.3 8v with a speeduino efi.
i ordered saab 900 fuel rail with some 500 cc injectors.
for ignition and idle i will keep stock ecu and ezl ignition system.
the only think i want to know ezl ignition has an output with tacho signal .for arduino i have to use directly this signal
or i need to use vr conditioner?

i will go for speeduino 4.4 and spartan wideband ,ford escort tps and gm temp sensors.
By theonewithin
What type of output is it?



If 5v then nothing needed.

12v will require a conditioner but will also best to be a DSC.

Is there a crank signal you could feed the speedy instead at all?

Also look at going a NO2C instead. Can run 6 injectors from it with code changes.
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By Lenny
later I will be using speedy for a M111.982 2.3 kompressor... in a mazda :D trigger on mercs is usually 60-2
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Ignition is tuned by multiple indicators that show the engine's level of efficiency, such as MAP and RPMdot in TunerStudio, dyno readout or sheets if you have that available, or other performance and efficiency indicators of minimum best-torque timing. Do not use a knock sensor for tuning ignition timing, as knock (detonation, ping) has nothing to do with correct ignition timing. A knock sensor will only (sometimes) indicate if you have exceeded the knock limit of a particular fuel. Not to worry; how much timing to apply is another learned skill set similar to how much fuel to apply. You'll get it. 8-)

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By AyobamiFakunle
Is it automatic or manual transmission. I currently run a fuell only installation on a mercedes benz m103 and its been running fine I would advise you to do a complete installation once and for all. The timing map of the engines are quite conservative from the factory.
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