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toddTR6 wrote:
Sat Mar 07, 2020 2:28 pm
… As for port injection, I'm pretty certain I can add the injector bungs to the above manifold and fab up a fuel rail. I have access to a drill press at work, and I can put together a jig to keep the manifold steady while I drill it. I think the difficult part will be how to mount the fuel rail and keep it in position. …
Then the end is already in sight for you. 8-) Fuel rails are of many forms. Once (and some still are) rigid, as in a hard non-bendable tube or extruded piece for all injectors. More commonly today, they are flexible "soft" (rubber, nylon, PE, etc) hose, or "semi-rigid" formable and solderable tubing. The last two (and hybrids) are desired for their ability to allow different angles and elevations of injectors, and ease of alignment and assembly. Down-sides are that soft rails need support for each injector, where semi and rigid rails only require a couple support points at minimum. Intake and TB flange bolts or other features are common support points.

I often make my own bungs from a steel former and aluminum tubing. Cut the tubing in sections and press over the former in the vise. That's it. Drill the intake. Align your bungs with your injectors and devised bracketry/retainers with injector hats or rail(s). Secure the bungs with hi-temp epoxy. Clean-up the excess bung and epoxy from inside the runners. Done.

Some examples of soft or semi-rigid rails and formed bungs are in posts I've made, like this. I'm currently enjoying cupronickel-alloy fuel and brake line. Various diameters, short lengths, rather inexpensive (under $10 for 3/8"x30), and a breeze to silver-solder like factory versions. I've had no need to use extruded rigid rails in a very long time. Soft or semi get it done. Pick your path and do your thing!

By toddTR6
mtrehy wrote:
Mon Mar 09, 2020 10:32 pm
HI Todd,

I am on my 2nd TR6 speedy.

Lots of pics here:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMLn8hW ... dex=2&t=0s

Hope this helps.
Hi mtrehy,

Can you vie me some details about how your gas pedal is connected to the throttle? Ar you using the stock TR6 pedal?
Also, I think you are using injectors and throttle body from BMW 325, is that right?

By toddTR6
mtrehy wrote:
Tue Mar 10, 2020 2:30 pm
Hi Todd,

E36 throttle body

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E36-316i ... ondition=4

Have a standard throttle pedal and a cheap aftermarket universal cable attached to it.

Injectors are Bosch 0280150414
Thanks. I've looked through your threads about your setup. I'm leaning heavily towards using those Bosch injectors. Still thinking about throttle body though.
By toddTR6

I am considering using a GM 2.4 throttle body, mainly because they are cheap and very common around here. These have a stepper driven idle air valve.

Is it possible or advisable to use a stepper motor controller with a speeduino V3 board to control the valve?

I have searched for this but not found any posts where people are using V3 board with a stepper controlled IAC valve. I know that I'll have to wire up a stepper controller to the board, but I don't thinkit's big deal to that. I also have a 3d printer so I have a few extra stepper controllers hanging about.

By dazq
Yes it is possible to use a stepper on v03.
@psig made a small PCB piggy board to enable just that expansion easier, though as you say it isn't that difficult ( his PCB just made it neater).
Iirc If you follow how the stepper is connected /wired in the v04 schematic you should be fine.
By toddTR6
dazq wrote:
Sun Apr 19, 2020 7:01 am
Yes it is possible to use a stepper on v03.
@psig made a small PCB piggy board to enable just that expansion easier, though as you say it isn't that difficult ( his PCB just made it neater).
Iirc If you follow how the stepper is connected /wired in the v04 schematic you should be fine.

I'll take a look at the V4 wiki to see how it's done.
By tylerwerrin

I'm getting started on this exact project - I too started with the idea of TBI, but have since leaned away due to further research. The TR6 stock intake manifold is designed in such a way that will result in "charge robbing" for the far cylinders (1 & 6). TBI is also an older and less precise technology. Have you done the lead-in work yet? Adding a return line to the gas tank, purchasing an inline fuel pump & regulator, etc?)

I am starting with a custom fabricated intake manifold, 3" plenum & single throttle body. There are many options, but I am sticking with GM because I am familiar with the various sensors and have all the tools to crimp my connections properly.

Right now I am researching the best ignition option for this setup... I will hopefully have more information soon after delving into the Wiki further.
By toddTR6
Quick Update...

progress continues though at a slower pace. I've been spending most of my time job hunting due to loosing my position due to Covid. Also my budget has taken a hit, so no new parts for the time being.

This horrible thing is a mount bracket for the hall sensor, it only took me about 6 hours of carefull measuring and welding, and trial an error. It's made of bed frame angle iron, very solid.

This is how it's mounted, bolted to the timing chain cover, note that it has to clear a large brace between the shock towers:

Here it is with the sensor attached.

The trigger wheel is not yet attached. It will be bolted to the fan extension. I just need to get access to a drill press in order to make some holes for the bolds.
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