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Any questions you have before you begin buying, building and installing.
By Charles ROCHER
Good day

I just finish restored a Citroen 2cv , and i want to upgrade the engine from a carburator to injection .
I am not looking for extra power ! i just want the engine to run smooooothly. ;)
so my idea is the replace the carburator with only one injector ( for both cylinder ) it will be easier than one for each cylinder , and does not required many new engineered part
will the speeduino be able to do the job ? ( my main issue is that i cannot find this exact case 1 injector for 2cylinder )

thank you

Hi, and welcome to Speedy :)

A 2CV engine can run smooooothly without FI !

Any issues you have with a carb setup, will need to be fixed for FI, unless its the actual carb itself. :)

What ignition do you have?
By Charles ROCHER

Cool , if it can do the job , then , i start the project now !

right now , I have a 123ignition bluetooth and I also plugged an O2 sensor on the exaust.
The issue is coming from the carburator ( the engine runs well , but it's indecent the way it is polluting ! :oops: )


Is it the 123 with the MAP feature?
What engine managment experience do you have?
You will need to find a trigger for the injection pulse. Possibly from the 123 module to the coil. I have a 60-2 trigger wheel machined into the flywheel, so I'm not to sure how you will pick up the signal.

I'm working on getting lpg running reliably first, and then petrol.

I have opted for 2 fuel injectors and keeping the carb as a throttle body. I've added a tps to the carb.

What O2 sensor and controller do you have?
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By edce
To Charles Roger : I am building a Speeduino injection system on a 2CV 602 engine (and later to be used on a 650 Visa engine).
I am about to wire up all sensors and connect them to the Speeduino ECU. Last weekend I spoke to an expert on 2CV engines and he told me that when using only one injector just below the throttle body, the mixture with air will not be sure enough. It will remain hanging up high in the collector. He speaks with a lot of experience because being active in 24 hrs 2CV racing. I installed 2 injectors close to the inlet valve. Of course the startup of the engine is for a few weeks later. I am curious to find a good VE table for our engines so that I can start with some confidence wright away. Hopefully many people with experience with VE tabels will read this post.
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By dazq
Edce sharing tunes/table configuration is a bad thing .
Unless the setup is identical to yours running identical fuels under exactly the same conditions it is not going to be a good match to your engine.
The base maps and tables provided will get you started then you can self tune to get the best from your engine install
By edce
Dasq : So you say that the base table will allow me to start the engine right away (of course after having set all conditions for my engine in TS).
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By theonewithin
edce wrote:
Tue Dec 01, 2020 7:48 pm
Dasq : So you say that the base table will allow me to start the engine wright away (of course after having set all conditions for my engine in TS).
It is generally good enough and close enough that the engine will do "something" at least.

You can then tweak fuel/ignition until you are actually running.

Once running things get easier.
By edce
Would one pulse per cycle be enough for injection as suggested by LPG2CV ? Is a pulse from a 123 ignition unit a pulse from a Hall sensor ?

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