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Any questions you have before you begin buying, building and installing.
By Charles ROCHER
Good day

I just finish restored a Citroen 2cv , and i want to upgrade the engine from a carburator to injection .
I am not looking for extra power ! i just want the engine to run smooooothly. ;)
so my idea is the replace the carburator with only one injector ( for both cylinder ) it will be easier than one for each cylinder , and does not required many new engineered part
will the speeduino be able to do the job ? ( my main issue is that i cannot find this exact case 1 injector for 2cylinder )

thank you

Hi, and welcome to Speedy :)

A 2CV engine can run smooooothly without FI !

Any issues you have with a carb setup, will need to be fixed for FI, unless its the actual carb itself. :)

What ignition do you have?
By Charles ROCHER

Cool , if it can do the job , then , i start the project now !

right now , I have a 123ignition bluetooth and I also plugged an O2 sensor on the exaust.
The issue is coming from the carburator ( the engine runs well , but it's indecent the way it is polluting ! :oops: )


Is it the 123 with the MAP feature?
What engine managment experience do you have?
You will need to find a trigger for the injection pulse. Possibly from the 123 module to the coil. I have a 60-2 trigger wheel machined into the flywheel, so I'm not to sure how you will pick up the signal.

I'm working on getting lpg running reliably first, and then petrol.

I have opted for 2 fuel injectors and keeping the carb as a throttle body. I've added a tps to the carb.

What O2 sensor and controller do you have?
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