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Any questions you have before you begin buying, building and installing.
By Bearb230
Hi all,

New boy here. I have looked online but i must admit in confused. There seems to be different boards.
I dont know what to buy.

I have a volvo 940 2.3 turbo .

Currently has a 19t turbo 15psi
Wideband o2 sensor and gauge
Chipped ecu
Wasted spark setup
Water injection
Larger inejctors

The crank sensor is counting teeth on the flywheel.

The car drives well so changing for an updated ecu miggt not be worth it. I had megasquirt ms2 on my turbo triumph spitfire and had nothing but idle issues and starting issues. This was setup by soemone in the kmow. While i can run a loom its the fear of having a non working car on the drive for ages.

Do the boards support wasted spark? Would someone have a base map.? Does auto tune work well? I have turner studio pro zlready.

Hopefully this is a dump sounding post. Cheers
By stum

When it comes to what to buy....... there are many options.......

I personally am running a 0.4.x board. On a Toyota Camry v6. It now has bigger injectors (more than twice the size of original) Now has a turbo running 7psi. I have a Flex fuel sensor running on it...... Your options are many.... comes down to what your capability/willing to lure are.......

In its initial stages I built up my board and had it running in the car using 100% original car loom and engine......... spent probably 1hr playing getting to start and idle using the wide band.... Starting from the base speedie tune supplyed.

Took it out down the road. auto tune and did 8-10 runs up a good hill. different throttle settings, and loads....... and after that it would smoke the tires better than factory ECU.

below is a link to my journey with speedie. Bang for buck..... Brilliant.


Hope this has helped answer some of your questions. And yes it will run wasted spark. And water injection. recently added.

Please read the wiki!!!

Once you have read through it and understood it you will know what features you will want.

Then you can look at all the different boards and choose one to suit.

What you buy is something you need to figure out.

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