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Any questions you have before you begin buying, building and installing.
By dscottboggs
Hello there, I'm trying to plan out EFI conversions on my 3 motorcycles.
  • 1994 Suzuki GS600 (Katana)
  • 1981 Kawasaki KZ650 I4
  • 1977 Kawasaki KZ750 I2
They are all DOHC one-carb-per-cylinder engines. The '81 uses a mechanical ignition advance system, and I think both it and the '77 use the old "points" kind of ignition. They have one ignition coil per pair of cylinders in a wasted-spark configuration. The '81 and '94 have alternators, but the '77 has a dynamo generator.

I want to start with the Katana because it's a piece of junk that I couldn't care less if I mess up trying this out. It's missing 2nd gear, I bought it for next to nothing because I was waiting on parts for the KZ650. It also looks like it'll be the easiest because it has computer-controlled ignition already, via what appears to be an HE sensor. However, that sensor uses a 4-pronged wheel as opposed to the many-toothed versions I've seen on here. So my questions come down to this:
  • Regarding the Katana, specifically: can I use the existing sensor and just wire that straight up to a Speeduino, or do I need to buy an aftermarket HE sensor?
  • Where do I get a many-toothed missing-tooth sensor wheel like I've seen on this forum? Do I simply need to make it myself out of a steel disk?
  • Where do I get an HE sensor for the bikes which don't already have one?
  • Will Speeduino run on a dynamo generator? Do I need to add some power conditioning or swap it out for an alternator? I've noticed that my headlight flickers at idle, not sure if the power inconsistency would cause issues for Speeduino's digital circuitry.
As a side note, do you forsee any potential complications when converting these engines?

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