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By dungbeetle
Hey i have a 99 jackaroo (isuzu trooper) that i have turbocharged and have running on an AEM piggyback , Im VERY keen to get a speeduino and patch it on with the standard ecu, the engine is a 6ve1 (DOHC 3.5 litre V6 ) my main question is will a speeduino work with my setup?, i basically just want engine control, it runs GM sensors and a GM stepper idle air control, i am happy to run batched ignition and injection only problem is i cant find much info on the crank angle sensor it looks like a VR sensor, the part number is #9341554052949 from what i can find, its a bit of an unusual v6, it is a 75 degree V6 with a 123456 firing order, can someone point me in the right direction of an assemble speeduino that will work for my application, i am looking at the mx5 plug in and patching it in.

any help will be appreciated :)

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