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By zoidberg
Hi there,
i just soldered my speeduino kit and it works like a charm except ignition channel 2
first i thought i fucked something up but debugging i found out that ignition channel 2 on the arduino never goes high.
which sucks a bit because i just need 2 channels for wasted spark but as the ignition channels cannot be reconfigured...
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By zoidberg
configured it for 0.4 i think i had it configured for no2c which resultet in it not working at all but now its 0.4
Should i create a new project and try it again?
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By zoidberg
no didn't help
was on speeduino 0.4 already. i even reflashed it with the last 2019 firmware but that didn't help either.
i suspect that that is an arduino problem not a speeduino one.
Sadly it seems impossible to remap the ignition outputs.
As only need 2.
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By zoidberg
speeduino 0.4.3.c
says tapr 1.0 and josh steward on the silkscreen

I just flashed a generic blink test programm and pin 38 and 40 are working.
with speeduino on the other hand and hardware testing through tuner studio 38 is not working.

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