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By ManuelR
Hi everyone,

My name is Manuel and I'm for a lack of a better word a Volvo enthusiast and general petrolhead :D. On top of that I've been descovering arduino and other related electroncis mostly due to Escape Rooms/Games (built a few using mainly arduinos).

Now that said, on the Volvo side I have 1 car that I would like to run on the speeduinom mainly because the wiring is old, it has been "abused" in the past and honestly I don't want to be dependent on a remote tuner.

I have a S60 Challenge (T5) racecar (ex-works). My plan is to get rid of everything that's in there and just have the speeduino controlling things and info on Realdash.

Now, I've read now and again that it works with 5 Cyl engines. Is this correct?

The car has a t5 2.3L turbo engine, with exhaust VVT and drive-by-wire. Can all of this be retained?

The car also has an innovate wideband o2 sensor and that's it (no abs or other creature comforts, after all it's a race car).

Thank you for your inputs!
By dazq
Hi, welcome.
Firstly please read the wiki top to bottom as that will answer most of your questions. Also searching on here will highlight the remaining issues too.
Yes to vvt as long as it is open loop.
No to drive by wire,you need an external controller if you want to keep that
Yes there is 5 cyl support.
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