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I am interested in Speeduino for the O2 sensor management and the more I read I think it may be good long term to add as I go .

Can the Speeduino be used just to manage the O2 sensor together with the features like AFR ,without replacing the whole ECU of the current setup

I have a wide band aftermarket AFR sensor and gauge to monitor on dash together with a manifold pressure sensor .
However I do have an HHO system running in my vehicle and would like to use Speeduino to do some O2 management .

Unfortunately my ECU being A11001A being the Subaru Leagcy GX 2.5L same as Subaru Liberty for the ADM market is one of those ECU's that were and still is a closed shop .
Very few high level engineers have cracked this ECU so it is difficult to manage the mapping as a DIY enthusiast .

I am hoping parts of Speeduino functionality can be used to replace the old school efie units and learn more about the arduino ECU as I go .

I have access to Arduino Uno and a number of Arduino due boards - can these be used for the Speeduino code .

Thanks in advance

South Africa
By dazq
Hi, welcome!
No sorry the release code for speeduino is designed to run on either a mega2560, a teensy3.5 or a stm32f407 ( this last one being very experimental)
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