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By Bear

Guys, i need your advice. When we have engine 4T, 1cyl, and from factory it has VR coil (CDI ignition) ...
Is it good idea to use stock VR coil (CDI) ? Or it will give me poor calculations and bad work in general?

Should i think aboud 60-2 wheel, or something else?

Thank you!
Check the forum there are more people asking this.
In general you can use the VR sensor, make sure it is the sensor it self and not a pre ignition CDI coil.
Then you need to know at how big or small teeth your sensors needs to detect before it operates.
And given it is 4 stroke 1 cylinder engine you have no large diameter flywheel, so less space for teeth compared to a car flywheel.
This also goes for a Hall sensor they need to detect a certain amount metal to work right.
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